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Segacy supports UTFSM adapting the MTI program to the market needs
Santiago, January 2011
Fuente: USM News

In a convention with the main IT-related companies’ representatives, a study that analyzes the main market needs in reference to the professionals’ education and the needs of the IT industries in the country was presented.

After a thorough analysis of the market competencies and needs of the IT companies, based on the SFIA international reference frame, the Master of Information Technology directive team from the Computer Science Department of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María showed the study results to prominent key players in the industry. The Study aimed to detect failures and to upgrade the postgraduate program course of study, developing better professionals in accordance with the demanding market needs.

“The objective of the research was to understand what the market needed in this field, and to verify if this program gives what the industry currently needed. The main idea is to adapt the Master of Information Technology program to the current and future IT-related company needs,” said Miroslav Pavlovic, managing partner of Segacy, MTI consultant and study manager.

Thus, important company representatives and IT-related organizations attended this convention, such as Carlos Toloza, the Competitor, Cristian Ocaña, from the Engineers Association, Fernando Barraza, from ENAP, Juan Francisco Germain, from Panel Consultores, Danilo González, from BCI, Gonzalo Concha, from Polla Chilena de Beneficencia S.A., and Jorge Diaz, from Syngenta; additionally, professors and academics from the MTI.

“What we seek with this kind of conventions is that the attendants give us their vision on the program design, validate us and contribute with any type of criticism, which will allow us to make adjustments to the program. In general, the work we did was well appreciated, so much so that the Engineers Association liked the fact that we could do a survey on the IT professional's competencies in order to detect the gaps between the curriculum and the labor market requirements, which is significant for us,” commented Raúl Monge, the MTI Program Director.

A contribution to the country’s development.

The convention participants showed an interest in knowing and contributing with this pioneer program. Cristian Ocaña, General Secretary of the Engineer Association said, “The changes that are being proposed for the MTI cover the requirements that the country needs to continue with its development. I believe that the IT companies are one of the central axes for the country’s growth, and the MTI will help close the gap among the country requirements in this area due to its extension, quality and vision, which meet all international requirements.”

In turn, the IT Manager of BCI, Danilo González, highlighted the contribution of this study, saying, “The work of the Master of Information Technology program team contributes repairing a market imperfection regarding what higher education offers and what the professionals need to satisfy company requirements. This is the reason for which the program is providing competencies that the country really needs.”

In the same way, Miroslav Pavlovic appreciated the opinions of the businessmen commenting “it is very valuable to have these meetings with important company key players and representatives, since they give us useful feedback related to the improvement of the existent program and its projections. The idea is to incorporate the impressions of students, company managers, and prominent key players of the IT companies in order to detect their interests and needs more accurately, and not to stay just in the present time, but to incorporate the future requirements”.

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